Chanterelle Mushroom recipe: Breakfast Scramble.

I make a dish called dirty eggs. The contents vary according to what I have about. A few years ago I knew someone who worked in a cafe and at the close of business every Saturday she gave me all the salads, sandwiches and bakery items. That is more or less when dirty eggs began.

I used to chop up a potato real fine and then tip the spinach salad with red onions and feta into a saute pan. While it cooked, I would pick the toppings out of the cobb, and chef salads, as well as the meat out of the sandwiches and toss them in with the spinach.

Once everything was cooked, I would add a dozen eggs. I would slowly scramble them so the eggs would get big lumps and then serve over the toasted sandwich bread. Scrambled eggs with other things, thus: Dirty eggs.

The contents depended on what “M” gave me that Saturday. The kids LOVED it. Life moved on and eventually “M” and I parted ways. Dirty eggs, however, stuck. It became whatever we had around; same principle to the dish.

Chanterelles have had a mind blowing season. It has been over 2 months of record harvests.

We are a little Chanted out. I’ve just started giving them a quick saute (my favorite cooking method) with some onions and garlic and putting them in a jar in the fridge.

That looks a little something like this:


We needed to eat and so I decided on breakfast for lunch. I chopped up some potatoes I just harvested, onions, and some garlic.


I put the onions and garlic in a cast iron skillet.


I have learned to not nag food. I let the onions cook while I took a little walk out back. I found some lovely Malabar spinach and some nice little cherry tomatoes.


I put the chants into the onions and garlic mix and got them all happy and mixed.


Then I added my potatoes and a cup of water to make sure they cooked through.


I cracked a dozen eggs into it (local and farm to table of course) and let it cook a while. Once the eggs were pretty well cooked, I tossed in the Malabar spinach and cooked it for a few, then finished it with halved cherry tomatoes.


Fin. Super nutritious, high protein, power lunch.

Try dirty eggs yourself! Throw whatever you have into a skillet!


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